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Who is (Mr. Doin' Tha Damm Thang!!) L. J. Brown


(Mr. Doin' Tha Damm Thang!!) L.J. Brown was raised in the City of Pomona, (also known as Sintown because of it's tough reputation). He started out by dancing and entertaining on the streets, sort of like another famous person we know by the name of Michael Jackson. His grandmother (Granny) recognized his gift and inspired him to pursue his dreams. Thank You So Much Granny!!


Juneteenth Celebration in Las Vegas, NV. (Howard Hewett, Freddie Jackson, Najee, & George Wallace)

Crash The Backlot Tour (Live Stage Show!!)

A Night on the Town with Juneteenth ( (Mr. Doin' Tha Damm Thang!! L.J. Brown Komedy Jam!!)

The 14th Annual Juneteenth Celebration (Live Stage Show Hosted By: Mr. Doin' Tha Damm Thang!! L.J. Brown)

Asst. Drama Director of the Montclair Drama Club (Age 19)

Model for New York Modeling Contractors (1500 Competitors)

TV Extra Boy Meets World, Living Single, Judge Joe Brown, etc.

Co-Produce, Writer, Actor and Host of the hit play " The Healing of Young Soul ".

Executive Producer, Writer and Creator of the upcoming play " The Meaning of Christmas ".

Promotional Model for Diet Coke, Kellogg's, Trojan, X-Box, Micorsoft, M&M's,Pfierz, Eventive Marketing, Inc. and Johson and Johnson.

Comedy performances at:

The Comedy Explosion In San Diego Ca., The Ha Ha Cafe In Hollywood Ca., The Ice House, The Improv, Harley's Restaurant (with Comedian Flow), Kelly's Comedy Show (with Sabastian Cetina), Nexus Comedy Jam, BET Comicview, The Inland Empire Summer Comedy Jam (starring Michael Colyar, Shang, Darren Carter, & Keith Morris), Scoreboard Komedy Jam, The Cellar Spirit & Grill Komedy Jam (with Jeff Gracia, & Wood From The Hood), Liam's Comedy Night (Jus Mikey & Rick Rome)etc.